More about Oliveri Rosa Lawyers

You’ve probably learned that lawyers come in all forms, shapes and sizes – And, yes, we’ve heard the jokes too.

We can help with most of the legal needs you and your family are likely to need over the years. Like any good General Practitioner, if ever you need a specialist service that we can’t provide ourselves, we will know just the right people to call on.

What makes us a little different is that we really do care about our clients. Nat Oliveri, who heads up our team, was a school principal long before he became a lawyer. He understands families and the trouble they can sometimes come across and the trauma those troubles can produce. He believes in integrity and assures discretion and reliability.

We know what we’re talking about

You may be seeking advice about, traffic or other offenses perhaps a Will or Powers of Attorney. Maybe a family member is in trouble with the police or you need help navigating through a family law issue. We can help with most aspects of civil, criminal or family law. Whatever your circumstances, we’ve probably seen it all before and can offer caring, down-to-earth and sensible advice.

Reasonable rates

We all know that legal fees can become expensive. We’ll always explain your alternatives and we are up-front about the costs you’re likely to incur. Just ask us! We provide sensible advice about the options you are likely face and suggest ways to save your money where possible.

It’s not only about how much lawyers charge for their time and expertise but also about making informed decisions, adopting intelligent strategies and determining what paths need to be taken that not only minimise costs but achieve the best possible outcomes.