How we can help

Initial consultations – Call us – 08 8372 7824

In some legal matters we offer a First Interview scheme. This means we provide the first half hour initial consultation for a very affordable fee of just $150.00 and with no further obligation to you.

This means that if we are not engaged to act for you after the First Interview you will not be charged any more than the first interview fee ($150.00).

Should you decide to proceed we will provide an estimate of the likely costs you can expect to pay.

We’re easy to understand

We don’t use legal mumbo-jumbo. We understand that people who aren’t used to talking to lawyers might find the legal system a little intimidating. It’s very important to us that you have a clear understanding of how the legal process works in relation to your particular need, so we offer concise and easy to-understand advice.

We can come to you

Of course you are welcome to come to our offices on Greenhill Road, but the chances are you’d feel more comfortable meeting in your own home or perhaps even over a coffee at a convenient cafĂ©. The first step to arrange a meeting is to contact us, either by phoning 08 8372 7824 or perhaps by using our contact form.

If you live in an isolated area or have difficulty obtaining confidential and private legal advice but still prefer our personal service, then we can Skype. Just email us to set up a time.