Meet Nat Oliveri – the friendly lawyer

Nat2Nat has practiced professionally as a lawyer since 2004 and he has acquired much experience over the years both as a lawyer and as an educator.  He’s helped many families when family members have found themselves in trouble with the law.

He offers considerable experience around criminal and family law issues in a calm and sensible manner to take the heat out of volatile disputes. Where possible he will offer mediation and negotiation to save conflicted families the further burden of expensive court costs.

He has also provided sensible and sound advice around commercial contracts and franchise agreements.

Nat remains committed to exploring opportunities for dispute resolution without Court action where possible.

Special offer

In some legal matters we offer a First Interview scheme. This means we provide the first half hour initial consultation for a very affordable fee of just $150.00 and with no further obligation to you.

This means that if we are not engaged to act for you after the First Interview you will not be charged any more than the first interview fee ($150.00).

Should you decide to proceed we will provide an estimate of the likely costs you can expect to pay. Call us today on 08 8372 7824.