Is your will
up to date?

It’s worth the peace of mind to have a legal will. That’s the only way you can be sure the people who matter most will be looked after when you die. The alternative is that your estate will be distributed according to a fixed formula determined by the government.

We can help you make a will which will describe how your estate is to be divided between family, friends and charities. You will be able to decide who will administer your estate and, if applicable, indicate your preference of who should become the guardian for your children.

You might also consider having us assist with preparing a power of attorney. This will determine control of your property and affairs if you become incapacitated.


Help with probate

If you have been appointed as executor of a will, we can assist with legal advice to complete all the legal documents and assist with the processes to fulfil your commitment. In particular, you will likely require legal assistance if you encounter a dispute between beneficiaries of a will.


Contesting wills and inheritance claims

We can help you if a family member or friend has died without a will and you believe you should be entitled to a share of the inheritance. We can also assist if you have been left out of a will or inheritance or if you believe you have received an insufficient share.